Why got blue waffle infection


Blue waffle is not referring to your blueberry food that you ate everyday. Some people will ask this question why I get the blue waffle, in this time she refers to a condition that she have got. Here we look into this question.

Firstly the blue waffle is a slang name on internet that means you have got a nasty infection or STD on your vaginal region. In the severe condition you might see the bruised blue color in your vagina. So we can’t speak this disease and you will have a few symptoms as below:

Abnormal vaginal discharge in color and smell and even quantity

Feeling itching and inflamed in your vagina

Partial color will change in your vaginal area and there may be some lighter spots.

Your vaginal area will shows to be blue or purple color

Here you will find these symptoms are similar to the vaginal vaginitis, yes, the blue waffles can be like the vaginitis which is an infection due to a few factors. This condition can be caused by some reasons such as lack of lubrication. However, you don’t worry since the vaginitis will go away on their own way. But if it still last or persist on the symptoms you should go to see the doctor.

Now you may be thinking the blue waffle is vaginitis, I only say it may be.


What am I Worth?What are we worth?


I have suffered from a spinal injury for the past 12 years that has resulted in a chronic loss of quality of life.  When I was young, I never understood the statements pitting quantity vs. quality of life.  I know better now.  I have become a bed fungus.  After wallowing in self pity and pain meds for so long, a part of me is screaming enough is enough!!  The situation is what it is and your condition is what it is and will be no better unless you get up and fight for every little pleasure that can be squeezed out of life.  Are you not worth at least that much to yourself?  That extra effort to reach the next goal or to at least spare your dignity.  I need to rebuild my body, my mind, my life.  As I sit here (yes, in my bed) looking at the mountain set before me, I can’t stop feeling overwhelmed by all that I MUST do.  If I want to have any life worth living. If I want to LIVE!!

  1. lose 120lbs. (at least)
  2. quit smoking cigarettes
  3. ween myself off morphine (prescribed by doctors and weened with the help of same doctors)
  4. become active (that means actually leave my bed and yes!!! leave my house)
  5. forgive myself for those things that are lost that I can never have back like time and be more positive
  6. find a source of income (SSI doesn’t even scratch the surface)

Yes, I am definitely worth it!!  I am worth more than precious rubies!!  We are always saying what we will die for but the true test is; what will you live for?  Will I live for my 12 year old twins and 7 year old daughter?  Will I live for my marriage?  Will I live for Samsoness (me) who has endured even when she didn’t want to?  YES, YES, and YES!!!  I want my life back! And I’m taking it by force if I must!

When my injury occurred, I was a semester away from entering a masters program in physical therapy while already perusing a bachelors in sports medicine.  It saddens me to say that I dropped out and fell back on my manicurist’s license.  I knew that the level of strength needed would no longer be mine.  Eventually the level of strength needed to be a nail tech was lost as well.  I have always been a book lover and many years ago reviewed books for the Murder and Mayhem book-club and Coffee-time Romances (among other groups).  I hope to return to book reviewing soon, that was something I really enjoyed.  I am also considering keeping up a blog for the duration of my journey back on my feet.

My interests are somewhat eclectic.  I LOVE reading.  Most genres are intriguing to me as long as it’s well written and edited.  I am an animal lover an advocate for the conservation of wildlife and endangered species.  Wow, doesn’t that just sound ducky!  But seriously, I love all animals.  Right now I live with 4 dogs and 1 ferret.  Those numbers are subject to change at any given time.  I am a Christian and consider myself a virtuous woman.  I love to travel and am very concerned with world affairs and the planet as a whole.  I am also interested in movies, music, electronics, and video games.  I guess you could say I am a well rounded woman with many interests.  I really like photography too, and am hoping to go back to school in the digital media field.  With all this having been said; YES, I am more than worth the effort and so much more and so are you!!

How To Grow Tall Naturally – Even If You’ve Already Stopped Growing


Many people wonder how to grow tall.  They may think that since they’ve already reached adulthood, that there is nothing they can do to grow taller.  This is not necessarily the case.  There are a few things adults can do to appear, and to actually become taller.

None of the proven methods of growing tall are overnight solutions.  It could take a few months or even a year to see results, but to those who are successful, it is well worth the wait.  Many people think that taller people seem to be taken more seriously than short people.  For this, and other reasons, being “vertically challenged” plagues many people, and can cause self-esteem and confidence issues.

In order to gain inches, and confidence, there are a few things to try.  All methods work on the principle of stimulating the release of Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.  Ways to grow taller come in a range of tactics, from natural, medicine-free methods, to taking supplements and hormones.  Of course, natural methods are the least invasive, and should always be the beginning step in one’s quest for height.

Diet is the first, and perhaps the most fundamental, of the ways how to grow tall.  It is both its own method, and an integral part of any of the other ways to grow taller.  A diet that is rich in the right vitamins and minerals can stimulate hormones, and is vital for your body to be able to support any additional growth of muscles and bones.  Important vitamins include, but are not limited to, A, B-Complex, C, D, E, F, and K.  Important minerals include, but also are not limited to, Iron, Calcium, Chromium, and Flouride.

Someone who is trying to get taller should also have a steady food intake.  They should not skip meals.  Several small meals a day is ideal.  This boosts metabolism and gives the body the extra fuel it needs to grow.

There are also exercises that one must to in order to become taller.  They include warm-up exercises, regular exercises, and advanced exercises.  Stretching, swimming, sprinting, jump rope, and other exercises that involve a lot of jumping or leg extending, are all good exercises for growth.

There are also some general exercise tips that can help one stimulate growth.  When riding a bike, for example, it helps to raise the seat higher, so that legs have to be stretched out further to reach the pedals.  It also helps to wear ankle weights while hanging from a bar or doing chin ups.  Anything that safely lengthens the body is an ideal form of exercise.

If diet and exercise alone are not enough, there are additional methods to resolve the problem that how can you get taller fast.  No program should be started without consulting your doctor, especially if there are other pre-existing health issues.  Nor should any growth program be expected to work overnight.  Many people have had success growing, but not if they got discouraged and gave up too early.




The restorative powers of aloe vera have been a matter of record since 2100 B.C. Many ancient civilizations, especially the Hebrews and Egyptians, believed that the juice of the aloe vera plant was a precious and holy medicine. People all over the world have used the plant –the Chinese called it the “medicine plant,” the Africans called it the “burn plant,” and the Native Americans called it the “miracle plant that heals itself.” The fact that so many cultures have documented their successful use of aloe over the centuries led scientists to extensively research the benefits of aloe.

It is with the knowledge of these ancient civilizations and the results of years of extensive scientific research that Kaire has created AloEliteTM. AloElite is made from the Aloe barbadensis Miller plant, cultivated in Venezuela in virgin soil rich in nutrients. Hundreds of miles from the nearest industrialized city and just a short distance from the ocean shoreline, the aloe fields bask in the sun-shine and clean breeze of the Caribbean.

The whole aloe leaves are processed within three hours of harvesting, thus preserving important enzymes and nutrients. Unlike many aloe products that use only filet portions of the aloe leaf, Kaire uses the whole leaf of the aloe plant. A special proprietary process is used to ensure against the destruction of nutritional compo-nents. This special process enables AloElite to have two to three times more solids than other juices on the market.

Of all the aloe solids that occur naturally in the “miracle plant,” polysaccharides are currently linked to most of aloe’s specific health benefits. Experts agree that polysaccharides contribute to good health, and that their deficiency may produce health problems. Polysaccharides are found in every cell in the body and perform many functions. However, the human body stops manufacturing polysaccharides around puberty, so it is important to supplement your diet with them.’ John C. Pittman, M.D., a practicing doctor and the clinical program director at Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, wrote in his article “The Immune Enhancing Effects of Aloe” that the Aloe barbadensis plant contains the greatest concentration of the most active polysaccharides in nature?

Polysaccharides are the most abundant component of aloe’s methyl precipitable solids (MPSs). When aloe solutions are processed, about 20 to 25% of the total solids come out of the solution, precipitate. These precipitated solids are known as MPSs. MPSs consist mostly of polysaccharides, glycoprotein, and salts of organic acids. Depending upon the origin of the aloe leaves, the harvesting conditions, and leaf processing, the polysaccharides represent about one half to two thirds of the MPSs, or about 10% to 15% of the total solids. With 13500 mg of MPSs per liter, Kaire International’s AloElite is one of the most potent forms of aloe extract available in the health supplement industry.

To further enhance the benefits of polysaccharides, Kalre has enriched AloElite with Manapol?. Research demonstrates that Manapol is one of the most effective polysaccharides of the aloe vera plant. Although all aloe vera juice naturally contains this substance, enriching AloElite with additional Manapol increases the efficacy of this premium juice. Scientists identified Manapol by stabilizing the aloe plant’s functional components through a freeze-dried dehydration process. This process retains all of the natural constituents and biological activity of this isolated polysaccharide. AloElite provides 20 mg of Manapol per 1-ounce serving.

AloElite with Manapol contains more than 200 active components: vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, enzymes, and plant chemicals such as complex sugars, proteins, and more. These nutrients encourage cellular activity in the body and provide dietary support for the digestive tract. Aloe vera has a soothing effect on the digestive tract lining and helps to provide a healthy balance of intestinal secretions.* 3. 4

Research shows that aloe vera supports immune system functions at the cellular level by a process known as receptor-site activation.2,5,6  Because the body’s receptor sites for polysaccharides become saturated with two ounces of aloe juice, Kaire recommends sipping two ounces of AloElite three times a day. By separating out your dosage to three times a day, you allow the receptor sites to be constantly saturated.


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* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diag-nose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Decrease double chin tips and exercises


If you believe it is unattainable to decrease your chin fat, you’re sorely mistaken. Truth be told that getting rid of that part of fat is like removing any fat on your body. Diet, exercise, plus a little bit of persistence ‘s all you need. Choosing the best dieting and exercise though can be a small challenge. Listed here are some simple things you can do to get rid of double chin. A mix of these suggestions should be all you have to to get a fitter face.

Start this technique by developing the best diet. You have to lessen the amount of calories you take in in a day and begin consuming fiber rich products that will improve your gastrointestinal system. The calorie reduction will make sure your daily activities can even make a direct effect on your fat reduction, and also the fiber prevents fat from building easily within you. You are able to still consume the foods you want and acquire eliminate such chin fat, however , you must learn what portions you are able to eat of them and how you will eat that. Develop the best diet early on and also the weight will quickly fall off.

The following point you have to do is work to shed weight in general. In tries to decrease your chin fat, it is possible to search better throughout your body because that may really make a difference in how your chin looks. Try walking every day or playing a dynamic sport. Go to the gym or workout at home to find yourself in shape, and stay sure to include a healthy diet within the mix. As long as you stay energized and hydrated, you should be able to shed weight along with your double chin over time.

You can find double chin exercises it can be done are created specifically to reduce such fat problems. Whatever moves your jaw muscles will be of benefit for your requirements. Curl your bottom lip over your teeth and move it up and down. That motion will tone muscle tissue and help you lose weight in the process. You should ensure it is seem like you are trying to bite your upper lip. You could also try opening your mouth wide and closing it back repetitively. Give a tennis ball beneath your chin for resistance and you should view a noticeable improvement within your appearance.

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